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Menudo Red Soup

Birria Plate

Pozole Soup

Calco De Mariscos




Sour Cream

Extra 2 Egg

1 Serving Extra Meat

1 Serving Of Rice

1 Serving Of Beans


Served With Rice Beans, Cheese And Choice Of Tortillas

Bistec Oe Asada I Grilled Steak

Bistec Con Nopal

Bistec En Cebollado

Filete Be Polio Asi100 I Grilled Chicken Fillet

Fajitas Plate

(Substitute Meat For Shrimp | Chicken Dr Beef Serveo With Hand Made Big Corn Tortillas , Rice. Beans. Cheese. Lettuce. Tomatoes. Grilled Onion 5 Bell Pepper )

2 Taco Plate

3 Taco Plate

3 Flautas De Polio

2 Sopes Plate

Enchiladas Mexicanas

( Choice Of Meat. 3 Enchiladas Dipped In Red Sauce With Rice. Beans. Sour Cream. Cheese. Tomatoes 5 Lettuce )

Plato A La Mexicana

(Choice Of Meat Grilled With Bell Peppers. Onions. Salsa. Rice. Beans. Cheese. Tomatoes. Lettuce )

Plato De Milaneza I Breaded Fillet

(Breaded Chicken Or Beef Fillet With Rice. Beans. Cheese. Grilled Onion. Tomatoes 5 Lettuce)

Costillas De Puerco En Chile Verde

Plato Salubable

(Fish Fruit And Cactus Plate )

2 Taco Plate